Icon Coverlet Blanket - Cozy Haze


The organic luxury 12 oz Topanga Linen pairs sumptuously with our Vegan faux fur to create a warm cocoon blanket. The materials of the Icon blanket are weighty, creating a relaxing and calming effect when in use. A cozy and comforting accent to any space. Adorn your home in style with sustainable, handcrafted pillows.

Dimensions and Details:

This blanket has been made by hand using natural, vegan faux fur materials.

  • Size: 102" x 108" square.
  • Front: Cozy Granite Faux Vegan Fur 100% Polyester.
  • Back: Sustainable eco friendly 100% Bark Topanga 12 oz linen fabric.
  • Care: Washable - Cold water wash or dry clean. Do not bleach.

* Made to Order please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery