Furniture can be awkward to maneuver and most often will not bend or come apart easily.  Here are some tips on measuring doorways, hallways, stairwells and elevators before placing your order.

What you’ll need: tape measure, pencil and paper, and tape


  • Measure doorways and/or elevator opening heights (A) and widths (B)
  • Measure the clearance from the inside walls to the outside walls (C).
  • Plan out your pathway to get the piece from outside into your desired room.
  • Make note of any hanging fixtures or other obstacles that may interfere with getting the piece into your space. 


  • Locate the product dimensions found on each product page, and take note of the width (W), depth (D), and height (H).
  • It may be worthwhile to measure the diagonal depth upon receiving the item, as it may fit through entryways on a diagonal (DD).
  • Some sectionals and other items are delivered in more than one piece. Most dining tables and full beds come unassembled. 


Pieces will not fit inside if:

  • The height or width of the item exceeds the height or width of any doorways or openings.
  • If the length of the item exceeds the length of the clearance into the space.