Even with so many pictures posted & articles written, some still wonder if it’s worth the investment to hire a design professional. When my team & I show up, we have every intention to fill the shoes & meet the needs. Clients have great ideas but so often zero time to execute them in a complete or timely manner. They need assistance pulling it together, and that’s exactly what we do!  

Interior Design is a skill that, when done correctly, enhances a space and the quality of the lives lived in it. An art that turns a house into a home! Designers truly help fulfill a need—they tell a visual story, and for that, among so many other reasons, hiring a design professional should no longer be seen as a splurge, but a choice that is as wise and sensible as hiring a plumber or an electrician. 

Keep reading for even more reasons why! 

Reason 1: Save Money 

Your home is one of—if not THE most expensive asset you own. Hiring a designer assures it is elevated to its best possible version. Once the project is complete, it’s time to stop the process and simply enjoy! Without a designer’s expert eye, people continue to wonder if the room is “done yet.” They’ve exhausted all their efforts, but wonder why it still doesn’t have that “designer look.” One can keep hauling “stuff” home—more & more “final touches,” and yet still miss the mark to produce a showcased design style.  This costly mistake can be avoided by using a professional who has a process that gets the job done concise & correct. 


Reason 2: Plan of Action

The all-important "plan" is where a true, professional assessment of your project takes place. Designers are trained to think spatially and out of the box so they can creatively visualize the end product and the best path to get you there. Their trained eye will likely notice things that you may miss. And their experience may offer solutions to common issues they've seen in many spaces. Having a specific action plan creates a timeline to move the project along and get to the end result quicker & easier. Designers listen & plan spaces to fit the way you live. Your home should reflect your personal style, lifestyle, and attitude towards life. If your space doesn’t reflect this—it’s time to hire a professional! Changing stages of life or family dynamics may be cause for tweaking your spaces. Anyone can purchase resources and move around items in a room, but an interior designer will sit down and connect on your personal & lifestyle and determine the best selections to layout all of the necessary components to help bring the visual story together.



Reason 3: Resources

There is so much out there in the current marketplace. Countless brick & mortar warehouses and showrooms, and infinite online stores, not to mention all the social platforms selling even more products and services. It is great to take advantage of all these resources, but time can be wasted researching all those products, brands, prices, and lead times. Frustration and stress often arise from too many choices and lack of confidence. Even more angst can arise given the supply chain delays of late. 

Interior Design professionals have a pulse on the industry, and are privy to information regarding stock items, custom items, and their corresponding order and transit times. There are options, selections, & information available to designers that may not available to the general public. The goal is to use the right resources to ensure it all pulls together without too many bumps & delays along the way.  


Reason 4: Connections 

A designer can build stronger bridges between you and your architect or contractor. The best results are when this happens early in the process so there are no mishaps in the overall plan.  The most successful projects are executed when the professionals involved are a team who speak the same language. The key in today’s marketplace is identifying the most reliable contractors and to utilize their time, skills, and expertise. 


Reason 5: Budget

The all-important budget is so very important to allocate at the very beginning of a project. A designer can help you determine this amount from the get go and help ease into the investment that’s about to take place. You can have a lower, realistic amount or a “must-not-go-over” amount. Either way, a designer will help you allocate & will also want to ensure they are also considered in the budget.  This allows them to plan the time required to meet expectations and complete your project. As a professional, they navigate their schedule to be there for all clients when decisions have to be made. A written contract is beneficial, so that everyone is communicating and there are no unmet expectations. They’ll plan the project to fit your design & lifestyle, but also to fit realistic budget expectations. 


The decision to hire a designer may seem difficult, but do not fear! Start by figuring out how much help you need, what that help is worth, and what you enjoy doing yourself. Hiring an Interior Designer can be the most rewarding decision you make for a complete, quality, design in the places where you do life.

We hope these tips help to guide you in your decision—it’s now yours to make!


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