Why Hire a Designer in 2023

Are you wondering if it's worth hiring a professional designer in 2023? Sometimes all the articles out there can leave your head spinning. Well, when I show up to help with design projects, people really get their money’s worth - after all they are investing in quality of life! 

Clients have exciting ideas but often lack the time needed to pull concepts together and that's where an interior designer comes in: creating remarkable stories visually through artful designs which transform houses into homes. Wise decision right there! Many people that I’ve seen make a statement that they can make it on their own, but even you may have a change in directions after reading through a few points. 

Save Money 

Your home is a huge investment and it's worth protecting! Even if you weren't born with an eye for design, hiring a pro can give your space direction - making sure every item has its right place. That way, even when the shopping fever hits again later on down the line - at least there'll be no pricey mistakes made in pursuit of aesthetic perfection.

Plan of Action

If you want to craft your dream space, but need a bit of help seeing it through, consider the aid of an experienced designer. With their trained eyes and out-of-the-box thinking skills they'll be able to uncover details that may have escaped your own notice – plus come up with creative ways for you to get exactly where you want to go! And don't forget: in designing any living space make sure the design serves how YOU live life best.

If your home doesn't tell the story you want it to, perhaps it's time for a makeover! Your lifestyle is unique and so should be the décor that reflects it. A professional designer can help bring together all of those special pieces - designing around color, style, finish - in order to create something truly personalized. 

Professional designers use their expertise to craft an interior layout tailor-made just for you and your family – giving each room its own narrative while connecting them seamlessly into one captivating atmosphere. So let someone else do the heavy lifting; hire an expert today & unlock countless possibilities within your space!


With so many options in the marketplace, it can be hard to narrow down exactly what you're looking for. Add in time-consuming research of products and prices - indecision is sure to follow! Thankfully, there are connections and exclusive resources available only to designers that offer discounted merchandise. These helpful resources and expertise can have your space looking chic in no time - all without the stress headache!


With a designer on your team, you'll ensure there's perfect harmony between all the other players involved in creating and executing your project - architects, contractors; they're all working together to put your project into fruition.  Working with today’s specialists is like playing an orchestra – timing is everything. Maybe you don't want to think about where everything will go until after it arrives? That’s why designers are so vital: keep that timeline tight by making sure everyone else has their notes right the first time around -- whether it be planning for cabinetry or installing outlets.


Start your project with a firm budget in mind: low enough to be realistic and high enough that you won't have any surprises. Make sure everyone is on the same page by creating a written contract so there are no unmet expectations - trust us, this will save headaches down the road! 

When designing for lifestyle needs while staying within those budgetary guidelines, it's invaluable to partner with professional designers who can help navigate all of today's resources. With their pro tips and tricks available guiding through difficult decisions, you'll easily make beautiful design choices without breaking the bank.


So, here it lies in your hands - take that leap of faith and hire yourself a skilled professional like Scarboro Designs  to help you make the most out of any design project. It could be one of the best decisions when it comes to turning your living space into something truly special! Be sure to keep these tips close at hand as you put together an amazing transformation. Make this moment count!

May 02, 2023 — Jeanette Scarboro