The past several years, I’ve been intrigued by the question—or maybe it’s a statement!

With all the articles written, I think people are still wondering if they know whether or not to hire a design professional. When I show up, I have every intention to fill the shoes. People spend plenty of money on their home and they need to have it look its best. Clients have great ideas but since they don’t have time to execute a design style in a timely manner, they need assistance pulling it together.  Interior design is a skill and an art that enhances a space and the quality of your life in that space.  They can turn a house into a home! They help tell a visual story. It is a choice that is wise and sensible. 

Many people make a statement that they can make it on their own, but you may change directions by reading through a few points.

Reason 1: Save Money 
Your home is one of the most expensive assets you own. Hiring a designer assures a plan is in place for where things are placed. Once a space is pulled together, stop the shopping and enjoy. People run out and keep hauling “stuff” home and it fails to produce a showcased design style.  Costly mistakes can be avoided by using a professional.

Reason 2: Plan of Action
This is where there is a professional assessment of your situation. Designers are trained to think spatially and out of the box. They can creatively visualize the end product and the best path to  get there. There is a trained eye that will notice things that you may miss. Having an action plan to include a timeline lets progress move along so there is an end result. Plan your space to fit the way you live life. Your home should reflect your personal style, lifestyle, and attitude towards life. If you look around and your space does not reflect this, you may want to hire a professional. Due to changes in your family and possibly at a different place in life, you may need assistance to tweak your space. Some people have the time and can pull together color, décor’, and finishes while others get overwhelmed. Anyone can purchase resources and move around items in a room, but an interior designer will sit down and connect on your personal style and determine your family lifestyle that determines the best selections.  They can plan your space to fit your life. A layout of the necessary components help bring the visual story together.

Reason 3: Resources
There is so much out there in the current marketplace. Frustration and stress comes from too many choices and deciding which ones will complete the desired design decision. It is great to take advantage of resources, but there is so much time wasted researching products, brands and price. There are things available to designers that are not available to the general public in terms of connections, resources, and general merchandise. The goal is to use the right resources and make sure it pulls things together for a right look.  Many times, I have showed a client a product, only to have them pricing me all over the internet. Your Designer appreciates the fact that they can have the opportunity to inject new products and ideas. When that is done by a professional, there is more value than ordering it online. If you do want to order it online, there is a value to finding the perfect product. 

Reason 4: Connections 
A designer will be able to build stronger bridges between you and your architect or contractor. The best results are when this happens early in the process so there are no mishaps in the overall plan.  They speak the same language. Designers are trained to think on a timeline. You do not want to think about where the coffee maker is plugged in after the kitchen is remodeled. The key in today’s marketplace is identifying the most reliable contractors. 

Reason 5: Budget
Know your amount that you will allocate at the beginning of a project. You can have a low realistic amount and a must-not-go-over amount. A designer wants to know if they are considered in the budget.  It allows your designer to allocate time to meet expectation of time that will be required to complete your project. As a professional, they will move around their schedule to be there when decision have to be made. A written contract is a good thing so that everyone is communicating and there are no unmet expectations. They will look for products that will fit your design for your lifestyle, but also that will meet budget expectations. With all the resources out there, it is easier to achieve goals of great design and budget.

The decision to hire an interior designer can seem difficult, but in reality is not. It will require you to figure out how much help you want, and what you enjoy doing yourself. Hiring an interior designer can be the most rewarding decision you can make for a quality design job of your living space. Use these tips to guide you in your decision, it’s now yours to make!

Sweetly Yours, 

November 09, 2019 — Jeanette Scarboro