This Spring, the focus has been on all the wonderful opportunities to refresh! Linens are always at the top of that list—Out with the old and in with the new!  They are a fascinating category, where some education is needed to fully understand them. My design clients always ask how a towel can be this price here, and another price there…. and sheets! There’s this thread count and that.

So, how do you maneuver through all that technical jargon?  It is not easy in a world that throws around terms like All-Natural, Percale, Sateen, and Cotton. Can all that lingo come in for a soft landing in your Happy Hive? Is there a gold standard to bring clarity to the chaos? My answer is yes!

This term has become the buzzword for marketing luxury sheets. Thread count refers to the number of threads per square inch of fabric, and is a good indicator for selecting your perfect match of comfort! Single-ply cotton sheeting with a thread count between 200 and 400 is ideal for bedding. Sheets with thread counts above or below that range tend to feel thicker or rougher.

This topic is confusing to most! The two most popular types of cotton sheet construction are Percale and Sateen. The best choice for you to make your bed is based on your lifestyle and texture preference: Percale will be lightweight with a matte finish and a crisp hand, whereas sateen is woven to create a silky surface, an elegant sheen, and tends to be a little thicker.

When looking to refresh a room and truly make the bed of your dreams, a lot more goes into it than just the right sheeting. Coverlets, Throws, and Pillows are additional options that (when done right) can turn “just a room” into a sweet sanctuary. And don’t forget to add the towels! Stone-washed, cotton towels that are thirsty and can dry in one cycle are a luxurious treat! Coordinate the bath linens with your bedding for the ultimate owner’s suite or a lavish guest-room getaway!

A cornerstone of our line is mixing & matching—If a client says CUSTOM, I’m ALL IN on creating the most fabulous fabrics with textures and patterns that are sophisticated and unique. It’s all about layering a look that is subtle but dimensional, using calming colorations and textural accents. The linens I use at Scarboro Designs, and that we proudly carry at The Hive Experience, are bee-yond luxurious. They are a practical way to achieve straightforward, stunning, relaxed luxury in your favorite spaces!

All of our Bed and Bath linens are generous in size and ready to create the look and feel that is perfectly you. We cover all the details—from washcloths and hand towels to pillow sham inserts—so you don’t have to run around pulling it all together! Want more inspiration?!— Don’t forget to check out (and save!) our Bed Diagram to create a textural dream design project that will have you sleeping soundly in no time!


Queen Size Bed


King Size Bed

June 02, 2021 — Jeanette Scarboro