Is your living space healthy?

I have never experienced in my lifetime all that has happened in this present year. I don’t do New Year's resolutions but have always enjoyed having a focus word. Ironically enough, the word for me this year has been “peace”. I don’t know how defining it is, when all that surrounds us screams unrest.

The changed environment has allowed me more time for education in my field. I always enjoy this, along with many the complicated conversations that come along during trying times. Designers as the “Gateway for Health” has been a main focus of my continuing education, along with bringing value to design by building trust in the health of buildings. 

To bring trust and health back into buildings is a tremendous responsibility, and I understand why this trust has been weakened in the views of so many people. On a personal note, my Mom is in a care facility, and unfortunately, I am not privy to the quality of her HVAC, drywall, carpet, and fabrics. I do know the standards for each and can only hope everything was done to ensure the building is safe and healthy. But the truth is, there are immense risks to the vulnerable when short cuts are made in design. Which is why now more than ever, designers are vital. 

Knowing this, I strive to make the invisible problems have visible solutions and impactful outcomes for my clients by providing safety in the longevity of the buildings I design. Making my projects a “Gateway for Health”. These outcomes directly impact how my clients live out their lives from here on. I am fully aware of the many areas in design that affect health. While working on projects, I share frequently the latest and greatest that could make the project better and healthier, in addition to beautiful. Clients with whom I have the privilege to work will always be educated on the technology that is available—even if the options are over budget. I do get my hand slapped from time to time over budgets and timelines, but I am hired to bring VALUE and IDEAS that are not always well known. 

Regardless if you are a design client or a lover of The Hive Experience, please let me know how we can help you make your space healthier for you and those you love!



Photo credit: Logan Nolin on Unsplash  

October 02, 2020 — Jeanette Scarboro