After years in the Interior Design business, I have found that time & time again homes perform at their very BEST when personality & function align. It is a winning combination that creates the ultimate, intentional space. In order to figure out how to pull your home together and get the design to work for your lifestyle you need to ask yourself: What pace of life am I living right now?  

Is your home an active household, always on the go? 

Or does your household serve as a relaxing retreat away from the hustle of the busy world? 

One of the biggest mistakes people can make that will clog up their lifestyle flow is having a design that works to the contrary of them-Essentially competing, instead of complimenting them. Design is supposed to ease your life. Ease your health. Ease your day-to-day!  

After determining the pace of your home, the next step is doing a walk-through of the space. With the previous step in mind, write down what you need each room to accomplish in your life. Make sure your space has maximized seating and lighting. Write down what pieces you need to add, and what pieces are not working for you anymore. With each room’s potential written down, you create a catalyst and a chain reaction in your space where the design and lifestyle elements perfectly come together. The solutions are found quickly when you figure out how you ‘do life’ in your home. (Check out our ‘Get A Room’ blog for more on a room's purpose and function.)   

After you have analyzed each room, then you can proceed to the “Subtracting and Adding” phase. Say goodbye to all the items that have been hindering your lifestyle’s flow so you can make way for your desired space and satisfaction. Then comes the fun part - Adding all the new items that will make your place snap together! At, we are experienced in consulting on cool, inspired ideas to give the house the feel” our clients are truly looking for. We continuously curate exceptional, unique, & high-quality pieces for our clients’ needs. 


In light of current health & safety conditions, you might be facing a huge lifestyle change such as working-from-home. Or perhaps you’ve recently encountered a new job, new home, or have become an empty nester. These are all wonderful opportunities to hit the reset button on your entire space. Clear out the things of old, start FRESH, and get a huge jump on that lifestyle change! 

The economy and the pressures of a pandemic have really affected how we do daily life. It has really put our home & work space to the test, and has forced us to evaluate & ask ourselves critical questions that will have a large effect on our overall lifestyle and well-being. So the question remains – How do YOU want to spend your life in the space that you are in? 



Cover photo credit by: Maxim Ilyahov

August 08, 2020 — Jeanette Scarboro